During this week we shall deepen in a more specific practice, focused on the study of movement and performance creating. This proposal is aimed at professionals and those experienced in the art of movement.

During the week we offer:

4 intensive with teachers from big international name in the world of performance. 4 choreographic labs / composition led by guest artists (selection by CV). 3 homes for your own artistic projects (project selection). Classes and activities to work your presence on stage

Also be sure to take your space to create your own composition. Alone or together; choreographed or improvised. You choose who you want to share and how you want to present.

To motivate the creative spirit during this week, the festival hosts three choreographic, residences open to any participant. These groups will be working all week and present their work last night. If you want to be one of the residences just have to introduce your project before June 1. Read more here!



Body Awakening

During this week we offer FELDENKRAIS before breakfast, as a kind of body awakener. You can take part every morning or any morning without prior inscription. The MEDITATION space option is also available.

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

The Festival Menu is especially designed for the activity by Sésamo Ibiza Catering. We try to have a major part of organic products (over 70%).


Upon registration you will need to sign up for your intensive. During the week you will be working with the teacher of your choice to go deeper into his material and practice.

Reflection time:

This is a time to take notes and jot down your observations, to allow the subject material you have received to set in your body. You can take the time on your own or share it with others. The last day the Reflection time shall be a group activity with the teacher and the group you worked with during the week.

Sound practice:

Alternative, space, for sound exploring.


In this space you will be able to try the material, or different materials/subjects being proposed by the teachers without a prior inscription.


This year we offer 4 labs guided by different artists. If you wish to participate in one of them you will need to specify it at inscription time. The groups are limited and the selection will be up to each artist. We shall require a CV and other related info to make the selection.


This year the festival offers 3 residencies, further info here 

OPENING NIGHT – Teachers Performance:

Open night with performances from guest teachers.


A time for everybody to gather, the participants, the teachers, the team and the organisers.

Performance Practice:

During the 30 minutes prior to the night activity, this time is available to present “work in progress” or other proposals or ideas, as a form of practice and therefore receive feedback about your work.


A space to ask, debate, share ideas about the creation of performance and our practice.

Ibiza City – Urban Intervention :

We shall take a trip to the old part of Ibiza town, on our way we shall encounter various of the residencies and laboratories working with this type of focus during the festival.

Performance MARATHON:

This night will be open for the Ibiza Community. Anyone who so wishes will be able to present what was developed or researched during the week. Inscription during the festival will be required. Each performance (solo or collective) can last up to a maximum of 7 minutes.