ONBODY KIDS. 8-13/09


The Onbody Kids is a program for children within the festival ONBODY, where we invite teachers specialized in the education of children.

It is an opportunity to practice die rent techniques and body awareness, in nature, participating in the festival, sharing the experience with your children and that they (parents and children) have healthy and interesting proposals.

The ONBODY KIDS unfolds in a framework of coexistence with people from other countries in an natural enviroment, surrounded by forest, 10 minutes walk distance from the beach, with the goal of having training proposals, fun and enjoyment.

Is possible to take single classes.



What are the intensives?

They are theme classes which take place every day with the same teacher.
On each day of the festival, the children live a day with the same order of activities.
We want to give the children a rhythm that make them feel condent, meet the caretaker for that morning’s intensive based on movement, and meet the caretaker who will spend every afternoon with them in the theatre intensive.
In this manner we are facilitating the independence of the children who will be attending these classes without their parents.
This is why the intensives are aimed at children from 4 years onwards.
For children under 4 please see “Kiddies Space”.
Depending on the necessities, once we know how many children are inscribed in the festival, we shall evaluate whether we create two groups based on age which will work using dierent caretakers during the same timeslot.
The childrens’ intensives are planned to take place during the same hours than the adult classes so that in every occasion that an adult wants to take a class, there is an option also for the child.

What is the Kiddies’ Space?

This is a well-cared for space, both in the material sense (through the choice of natural and simple materials-wood, fabrics, cushions) and in the human touch, with respectful and loving adults that accompany the kiddies’ playing freely.
Children are welcome from a year and a half up to 4 years of age.
This space is open at the same time that lessons for the older children take place :
from 8 to 9h
from 10:30 to 12:30h
from 16:30 to 18:30h
In order to facilitate the adaptation of these little ones to the site, on the 8th during the arrival of participants to the Onbody Festival which opens at 16:30, the Kiddies’ Space invites parents and kids to play together for a while, to become familiar with the space, the materials and the team they will be assisted by.
Naturally, parents will be expected to accompany their child during the sucient time to allow the child to remain in the space with a calm and condent disposition while the parent attends a lesson.

Night activities?

After dinner, as do the adults, children have an activity all for them…it is only shorter.
The activities are the following:
Story telling
Kids’ cinema
Dance night with special Dj

The artist invited to the night activity is the caretaker at the theatre intensive.
All activities last 30″ and once nished, parents will pick the children up.


Can I stay only one night to sleep?

Only you can stay in the festival if you are participating in the entire event, there is no option to stay only for one night. But you can take single classes.

From what age my children can go to the classes of Onbody kids?

Only children from 4 years old or older.
For children from 1 and a half year to 4 years there is the “Kiddies´space” where they can play with adults kind and respectful that take care of them.

If I want to go to the night activity and I have children Which options do I have?

We can contact you with one of our most well-known babysitter that can work for you.
Or You can coordinate with other mothers or fathers to care for children one each night.

What language is spoken in children’s classes?

Teachers speak both Spanish and English.